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You'll join a small group of up to 12 like-minded entrepreneurs who will receive expert mentoring & support tailored to your specific business challenges.

Every plan includes:

11 Pathways to Success

Practical, step-by-step learning so you can confidently apply what you learn in an easy way to get better results faster.

42 Hot Topics

Select a topic in 3 broad areas of Business Growth, Marketing and Sales that makes sense now, then move on at your own pace – building your own ‘pathway’ as you go.

Unlimited Access

Unlimited access to a comprehensive list of online business growth guides, tools and templates to suit your distinct needs.

Structured Learning Framework

Topics are designed to fit together to make a complete program so you acquire skills and processes in a much shorter timeframe.

Online Action Workbooks

Keep all your learning notes and actions in one place, access whenever you need to. You’ll never lose track of where you are.

Coaching By Email

Regular coaching email follow up supports your progress by keeping you focussed and on track.

Templates, Tools & Checklists

Everything is all in one place, so there’s no need to search the internet for the resources you needs.

Flexible Monthly Subscription

No contracts. Upgrade or downgrade anytime. 14-day free trial. Cancel anytime.

Support Help Desk

We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience, which is why we have 24-7 support.

11 Pathways, 42 Hot Topics


Have you been searching every corner of the internet for information on how to grow your small business?


  • How to do digital marketing?
  • How to sell online?
  • How to hire a first-rate virtual assistant?
  • How to develop your success habits?
  • How to generate cash quickly?
  • How to write emails that get results?

Mmm… there’s a lot!

Now, you could continue to search every corner of the web to find the perfect training course, the best business coaching program or the ultimate mentoring group…

AND you would waste a LOT of TIME and MONEY in the process…

STOP!  – It’s ALL here, ready and waiting for you!

You save valuable time with Pathways because all the resources you need to upgrade and grow your business are all in one place, with the option to get more support as and when you need it.

No more hunting around for courses or coaching programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How does the ‘Pathways’ subscription work?

Pathways is a low-cost membership for small businesses who are looking to drive their growth. This monthly subscription provides you with total access to 11 'Pathways' and 42 course topics.

Each 'Pathway' is a carefully designed sequence of related topics which build deep understanding and ultimately enable you to upgrade your business processes and systems.

In addition, new courses are added every week to ensure your growth and development never ends.

Can I access this service anywhere?

You can learn anytime, anywhere.

How do I access Pathways?

First you need to sign up. You can try our free 14-day trial here: .

We’ve created the perfect membership club to help you plan your business growth and make the next 12 months your best year yet. Inside are some incredible courses, rich with content and relevant topics to driving your business success.

At the end of the your free trial you have the choice to stay with us for only $12 per month or choose one of our upgrade plans.

What is the best program for beginners?

Our low-cost ‘Pathways’ program is ideal for beginners. This will give you access to all of the 11 courses containing 48 different topics. This will allow you to handpick which topic is relevant to you and your business.

Do I need qualifications for these courses?

No qualifications required. Just a willingness to learn!

Do I have to submit a module to access the next course?

Yes. Each course will require you to complete the lessons in chronological order. This is so that you can dictate your learning at your own speed. It will allow you to manage your personal development around your commitments and lifestyle.

Can I obtain feedback for my work log?

Feedback will be available in the Q&A sessions or through consultation with the Trailblazer and Pinnacle subscriptions.

What are 'Success Workbooks'?

In each module/lesson you can find the link to the workbook at the bottom of the page.

Our workbooks are tools used in the modules to allow you to apply what you learn to your own business, brand, products and services.

These are the practical elements to our course – not just theory!

What is the difference between Pathways, Trailblazer and Pinnacle?

At Pathfinder Advantage, we like to give you the control of your learning and development by allowing you to choose the right path. This is why we offer three distinct paths to choose from:

Pathways is our basic membership path. This provides unlimited access to all topics including 11 Pathways to Success, step-by-step action guides, practical tools and templates as well as online support and coaching by email.

Our most popular path: Trailblazer offers exclusive access to our in-depth Masterclasses as well as Q&A calls and much more.

Pinnacle includes everything and includes group coaching where you join a small group of 12 like-minded entrepreneurs who will receive expert mentoring and support to your specific business challenges.

How will Pathways benefit me?

Pathways are designed to provide practical action steps which apply directly to your business growth and success. Using the Success Workbooks and Online Coaching with content organised in easy-to-follow steps will ensure your progress.

Pathways are the solution to success giving you clarity to overcome your own hurdles. Our Hot Topics provide practical insights from understanding the fundamentals of marketing to writing sales pages to hiring virtual assistants as well as strategies for growing and scaling your business.

How is this different?

Pathways is a unique online business learning platform that is tailored to your specific needs. As an entrepreneurial resource it is rich with the latest information and strategy to align your business to meeting your goals.

Pathways is different because it puts the learning in the students’ hands, this self-paced approach is the most effective in challenging business owners to reach their success in the simplest way.

Lastly, Pathways courses and resources are backed by theoretical research and are proven through tried and tested practical application. This is why each course is as much practical as it is theory which is why it is the perfect solution to your business development.

Are there any hidden extras?

With Pathways what you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs. With the 14-day free trial you have the choice to upgrade. Our lowest membership is only $12 a month!

The most popular path, Trailblazer is only $37 per month.

If you are willing to invest a bit more into your business success, then Pinnacle is the perfect path for you for $127 per month.

Does Pathways come with a guarantee?

There is no risk to you. You can access all the materials in Pathways and Trailblazer free for 14-days. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time. This flexible monthly subscription allows you to make the best choices for your learning and development. With the unlimited access you can view all of the business growth guides and decide whether this is the right move for you.

How do I know this will work for me?

The 14-day free trial is the perfect opportunity for you to get to grips with this perfect training platform. The try before you buy will eliminate any seeds of doubt you may have and broaden your perspective on how you can implement change to grow your business how you want to.  

What online support does Pathfinder Advantage offer?

Our plans are designed to give you access to all of the necessary resources to ensure your success. That’s why all of our plans provide: Coaching by email, support help desk, structured learning framework and templates, tools & checklists. Pathways also offers online action workbooks with unlimited access to comprehensive business growth guides, courses to suit your distinct needs

What if I have a question or need more support?

You can raise a ticket using our customer support service.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Sorry you are leaving us. But don’t worry we will always be here to help guide and nurture your business. If you are thinking of leaving, then you can easily do so in your subscription account.

Forward-thinking Business Owners Love Pathfinder Advantage

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “Working with Andrew helped me zoom out and see the big picture that I was missing. Thanks to his input I’m now confident that my digital marketing I develop has a clear purpose that aligns with my strategy and my core vision for my business.
    This new-found confidence has helped me work more efficiently, and as a result I’m already attracting more leads than ever.
    He’s been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would recommend Andrew to any wellness business owner who’s looking for marketing help.”

    Co-founder & President NudgeCoach

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “Andrew’s knowledge and expertise in Digital Marketing have brought great benefit to Elga. He has massively improved the website, shown us how to create excellent and relevant content ultimately increasing the number of leads we generate. His project management skills and creativity ensure quality in his work. Above all Andrew has been a great mentor to me and pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend.

    Resulting in a 22% lead generation”

    International Marketing Associate, Elga Lab Water

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “Andrew has given me sound and no-nonsense marketing advice, which was highly relevant to my current business development challenge. His background as a healthcare professional and a marketer gives him a unique insight into the challenges that healthcare professionals face when wishing to develop/expand their business.”

    CEO, Life Sciences Executive Search

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “The decision to work with Andrew was based on his knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and website design. We knew this was a massive project, so Andrew’s experience in project management was another benefit, and both skill sets were crucial for delivering to the brief. Andrew successfully delivered our project in July 2020 on brief, on budget and on time."

    Result: The initial impact is already positive showing a 9% in potential students”

    Marketing Director, Aston University

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “Andrew is brilliant to work with, he made me feel at ease immediately and I quickly saw that his expertise would really benefit me and my company. His experience meant that he had been where I was, and he helped me avoid some common mistakes. I still refer to his initial advice now. Thanks, Andrew, I'll be back for your services soon.”

    Nutritional Therapist & Personal Trainer

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