Engage Your Audience - Email Follow Up and Lead Generation System



Engage Your Audience is a practical and solid program with the emphasis on implementation – it’s not pie-in-the-sky theoretical concepts, it’s concrete, time-tested tools that form a comprehensive system that is proven to work in the real world.

By the end of this program, you will be a better EMAIL MARKETER than 99% of small business owners out there. Why? Because you’ll be an expert on how to get DROVES of YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENTS on to your mailing list AND you'll have learned the secrets to crafting engaging and high converting FOLLOW-UP emails that persuade your potential clients to take the next steps to becoming paying clients.

You will have everything in place for using email marketing to follow up successfully with your website visitors AND accelerate your business growth by nurturing the types of relationships that result in more income.

So just pause for a minute – and imagine how is that going feel?

The Engage Your Audience program isn’t just an informational course, it is a solid, done-with-you every step of the way throughout the program and gives you the exact step-by-step plan you personally need to move forward.

We’ve built this exact system with dozens of small businesses and some very large businesses…

And it works!

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “Andrew is brilliant to work with, he made me feel at ease immediately and I quickly saw that his expertise would really benefit me and my company. His experience meant that he had been where I was, and he helped me avoid some common mistakes. I still refer to his initial advice now. Thanks, Andrew, I'll be back for your services soon.”

    Nutritional Therapist & Personal Trainer

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “The decision to work with Andrew was based on his knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and website design. We knew this was a massive project, so Andrew’s experience in project management was another benefit, and both skill sets were crucial for delivering to the brief. Andrew successfully delivered our project in July 2020 on brief, on budget and on time."

    Result: The initial impact is already positive showing a 9% in potential students”

    Marketing Director, Aston University

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “Working with Andrew helped me zoom out and see the big picture that I was missing. Thanks to his input I’m now confident that my digital marketing I develop has a clear purpose that aligns with my strategy and my core vision for my business.
    This new-found confidence has helped me work more efficiently, and as a result I’m already attracting more leads than ever.
    He’s been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I would recommend Andrew to any wellness business owner who’s looking for marketing help.”

    Co-founder & President NudgeCoach

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “Andrew’s knowledge and expertise in Digital Marketing have brought great benefit to Elga. He has massively improved the website, shown us how to create excellent and relevant content ultimately increasing the number of leads we generate. His project management skills and creativity ensure quality in his work. Above all Andrew has been a great mentor to me and pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend.

    Resulting in a 22% lead generation”

    International Marketing Associate, Elga Lab Water

  • Engage-your-audience course cover.png Engage Your Audience Online

    Engage Your Audience: Email Follow Up Marketing and Lead Generation System. Done-With-You Mentoring Program


    “Andrew has given me sound and no-nonsense marketing advice, which was highly relevant to my current business development challenge. His background as a healthcare professional and a marketer gives him a unique insight into the challenges that healthcare professionals face when wishing to develop/expand their business.”

    CEO, Life Sciences Executive Search

A proven approach with the Engage Your Audience program

With the Engage Your Audience email marketing and lead follow up system – you’ll easily to connect, follow-up and engage your clients and help many, many more people.

Enroll More Clients!

Learn how to effectively follow-up with your potential clients and enroll them into your services and programs.

Step-by-step Action Guides

No high-flying jibber jabber. This program focuses on delivering results in easy to follow steps.

Strategic Engagement System

You'll have a strategic and carefully crafted email follow up and engagement system that will allow you to make the income you desire and deserve.

Delight Your Existing Clients

You’ll delight your potential clients so that they’ll feel loved and in capable hands – and so that they know that they will get their problems solved with you.

Follow-Up System on Autopilot

You’ll know the secrets to engage them the moment they make contact to with you – and you’ll be able to do it on AUTOPILOT!

Future-Proof For Years to Come

Repeatable system for the future AND you’ll have a clear email marketing and online  lead generation plan to bring you a stream of paying clients for the long term future success of your business.

‘Done-With-You’ Group Mentoring Program

You can choose to have my team walk you through and implement this process live and in person over 12-weeks.  

  • Walk away with your complete system in 12-weeks
  • Everything tested and approved first so you can be sure your follow-up system will work
  • Write your value-filled and engaging emails
  • Design and create your lead generation system
  • Troubleshooting assistance for any technical issues

Our Done-With-You approach really pays off as we are there with you helping to set up all your systems and troubleshoot any problems you might have right there and then.

We hear from so many people that the technical set up and getting everything working properly is where so many business owners often get stuck or overwhelmed. The Engage Your Audience program is designed so this won’t happen.


Online Home-Learning Program

You can choose to have us walk you through each step in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace with the online learning program.

  • 21 bite-sized step-by-step lesson videos so you won’t get overwhelmed
  • Downloadable audio files so you can listen anywhere
  • Implementation is easy with the Action Guides and Checklists included in each lesson
  • Immediate access to the modules
  • Get started right away: you can begin creating your email marketing follow up system that will start filling up your diaries with your ideal clients

A little about Andrew Wilson and Pathfinder Advantage Ltd

"I’m very fortunate to be in my 8th year in my consultancy business, Pathfinder Advantage Ltd. We specialise in working with Health and Wellness Clients that have a BIG impact on people’s lives from all over the world. I really love being a part of that…and I LOVE sharing my knowledge and experience.

When I changed from working as a dietitian to follow my dream of starting own business things didn’t go so well at the start. I tried everything could to get clients, from blogging to advertising to networking to attending conferences! You name it, I tried it – I even asked friends and family if they could help spread the word for me…

But nothing really worked. None of those things I tried brought me the numbers of clients I needed. I felt exhausted trying all these techniques and very discouraged by my lack of results, my money was running out and my dream was starting to fade.

After a particular dismal failure when I tried to promote a training course for 6 months and only got a tiny group of people to show up, I hit rock bottom. On reflecting on the work I’d put into promoting my business, in that moment everything changed: I realised that none of my education, experience, or talent would matter until learned how to ENROLL the people that really needed me into my services and programs. I knew I had to learn that or have to go back to full-time JOB – I really didn’t want that!

I’ve spent the past 6 years becoming an expert in ethical marketing, persuasion, influence and respectful selling…in an effort to book the clients that can be truly be helped by my programs and services.

Since that decision to learn…I’m now consistently fully booked and I get to support amazing businesses from all over the world and I’m proud to be making a positive impact on people’s lives and businesses."

Andrew Wilson, Founder, Pathfinder Advantage Ltd

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Engage Your Audience - Program Modules

Module 1: Fundamentals for a Valuable Email List

In module 1, you’ll learn the fundamentals. The ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of effective email follow-up marketing. You’ll get clear on who your potential clients are, so you can plan the PRECISE steps they will take once they have signed up with you. This means you can FULLY ENGAGE your audience to take those next important steps with your business and nurture your relationship with them so they will book your services AND buy your products.

Module 2: Write Your Emails for Maximum Impact And Conversion

In module 2, you’ll discover the secrets of email copywriting and exactly what to write about and how to write it so you can get results every single time. You’ll learn how to structure and write every email to make a significant impact on your profits. You’ll look at the 3 key types of emails you need to write and the best practices for how to CRAFT your emails so that your readers not only open them but go all the way through them  and take the action you want.

Module 3: Lucrative Lead Magnets

Module 3 takes a deep dive into creating and using lead magnets to build your lucrative list. A properly designed lead magnet can convert any relevant website visitors into subscribers, leads, and then eventually into customers. The goal of your lead magnet is to bring people into your sales funnel so that you can convert them to customer status. To accomplish this, your lead magnet needs to be so much more than a freebie. It must be a truly valuable offer that acts as a magnet to pull in your most ideal target customer. You’ll learn exactly how to create a properly designed lead magnet that will convert any relevant visitor to your website into a lead.

Module 4: Set Up Your Automated List Building System

In modules 4, we’ll walk you through how to set up the critical systems you need for building your list on autopilot while you focus on other areas of your business.

You will implement a variety of methods for attracting people to your email opt-in to add them to your list, so that you keep building your list consistently every month.

Module 5: Create Your High-Converting Autoresponder Series

For email marketing, your best friend and most essential tool is an autoresponder service. It allows you to collect email addresses and then send out email messages to that list of people on autopilot. You’ll be able to create a series of autoresponder messages that sells for you even while you’re busy with other things in your life or your business. We’ll cover what an autoresponder service is, and then get to work creating a series of email messages that builds a relationship with your new subscribers and promotes a product or service of your choosing. We start with the theory and basics of autoresponders, and then you’ll get to work implementing what you’ve learned in each lesson by completing an assignment.

Module 6: Steps to Ensure Success

By this point - you’ve learned ALL the SECRETS of effective email marketing for Maximum Impact and engagement By this point, you’ve learned all the secrets of writing high-converting marketing emails and you’ve written key follow-up emails you need for your business. In the concluding module, you’ll spend time putting it all together by identifying your next steps and what you need to do to start implementing your new copywriting skills and seeing massive results in your email marketing right away. You’ll also discover how to monitor the rising numbers on your list, so you can measure how effective your strategies are and where you need to adjust to attract more subscribers.


Writing emails and creating your lead generation materials is not a one-off process, you’ll want to create emails sequences for different campaigns or write new welcome emails if you start working with a different type of client. To do that successfully, you need a repeatable system to get results.

That’s why we’ve included a downloadable Action Guide and Checklist for each module.

This makes implementation of everything you learn on the live Done-With-You program AND the Online Home-Learning program very easy and you can use these to ensure you can repeat the process as many times as you need.

All of this makes this system seriously effective.


& Get This Entire Bonus Package FREE!

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  • New Client Onboarding Training and Welcome Kit including 18 time-saving templates, emails & forms (Value $995)

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Register now, join the ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE done-with-you mentoring program, participate fully, if what we advise you to create doesn’t work come back to me and I’ll give your entire tuition back to you.

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