How To Create A Low-Cost Marketing Plan…

…That Actually Works For Your Small Business



“How can I possibly compete with the BIG Brands?”

That’s what a colleague asked me on July 31st 2020.

“I’ve got no money for marketing!”

My response:

“You don’t need money to compete with the big brands…”

More on that later.

Let’s talk numbers:

7 Reasons Why You Should Finish Reading This Short Webpage

  1. You’ll discover how to use proven free and affordable marketing tactics effectively in your business and increase your sales.

  2. You’ll be given the leading strategy so you can grow your business without breaking the bank.

  3. You’ll understand how to create irresistible ideas for content to attract more customer leads.

  4. You’ll know what you need to do to establish and develop relationships that will give you access to you ideal customers and industry partners.

  5. You’ll expand your visibility as an expert in your market and set yourself apart from your competition.

  6. You’ll own a lifetime resource package for whenever you need to review and modify your plan.

  7. You’ll learn simple action steps so you can achieve the goals you set for your business without the frustration of wondering what to do next.

Low-cost Marketing course covers.png The Low-Cost Marketing Plan $27.00

“I would not hesitate to recommend Pathfinder Advantage to any small business owner doing their own marketing. You made everything simple to understand. Thank you.”

Freelance Dietitian

Low-cost Marketing course covers.png The Low-Cost Marketing Plan $27.00

“Andrew has given me sound and no-nonsense marketing advice, which was highly relevant to my current business development challenges. Highly recommended.”

Life Sciences Executive Search

Poor Results From Free Online Marketing Is A 


Poor results from free marketing methods is a confession that you’re following the wrong “school” of marketing.

By reading the whole of this page…

…you’ll discover a strategy used to slash the common confusion and frustration suffered by most of today’s struggling freelancers, solo-entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Implement this proven strategy as your own…

…and you’ll gain a clear sense of direction and inspiration for employing free and low-cost digital marketing tactics to profitably grow your business online…

…in the same way the BIG brands have done in the past and are doing so today.

The #1 Reason Why Most Small Businesses Fail

You know that successful marketing is the key to EVERY business's long-term success, right?

According to SmallBizTrends, poor marketing is the #1 reason small businesses fail.

In fact, 42% go under because of poor marketing…

A further 29% run out of cash…because they didn’t make enough revenue.

And that was before COVID-19.

Scary, right?

The Critical Problem For Small Businesses in 2020

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, lack of budget is what prevents them from pursuing a fully-fledged marketing strategy.

They have little or no money to invest in marketing and think they can’t achieve the results they want with the resources they have.

So, they turn to the so-called ‘free’ marketing tactics, thinking this will solve the problem…

…but what they are missing is the ‘overarching’ strategy to make them ‘effective’.

Writing lengthy blog posts week after week...

…posting on Facebook…

…and on Twitter and LinkedIn…

…trying this new tactic and that new tactic…

…each with huge promises of fantastic results.

Do this. Get 6-figures. Do that. Get 7-Figures.

I see this every day.

In fact, there is a head-spinning variety of free marketing tactics you could implement.

And that’s the #1 problem.


It’s A “Marketing Mishmash” –

And It’s A Fatal Strategy

This unstructured and haphazard approach results in this kind of botched job.

Unless you implement effective, AFFORDABLE marketing tactics…

…as part of a carefully planned STRATEGY…

…you will just have another floundering business that struggles to survive.

I should know…

…my marketing used to flop harder than a belly off a 30-foot high-dive for 5 long, painful years because of this approach…

…until I discovered how to create a low-budget marketing plan that works…


That’s because the most successful, profitable marketing campaigns of all-time were created by businesses that carefully considered their strategy first before deploying any tactics.

What’s more, this is the part the ‘online gurus’ conveniently forget to tell you about.

And that’s why you’re not to blame for your marketing struggles (up till now, at least).

Is the person to blame if they can’t do personal budgeting because they were only ever taught algebra (badly) at school?

Of course not.

Now, here’s an interesting question for you…

What Is The #1 Thing Every Successful Small Business Marketer Has In Common?

They all have a simple, step-by-step process that enables them to put together a tailored marketing plan or campaign that suits their budget.

In other words, they have a tried and tested, repeatable SYSTEM.

When I started my first consultancy, I spent months working out which marketing techniques I could afford to use, and which ones would actually work for my business.

I was ready to throw in the towel and go back to a full-time job, but my partner convinced me to keep plugging away.

And, after studying the best marketing practices of dozens of successful businesses and trying a million different techniques, I finally figured out a simple system for creating a low-budget marketing plan that can work for any small business.

It’s the same process that I now use with my clients and I use in my own business.


I’ll outline the steps you can take… (that every small business marketer should take)

…to enable you to create your own low-cost marketing plan at the end of this page.

Because when implemented in the right way, this process can catapult your business into the stratosphere…without spending a penny on marketing!

Here’s The Biggest Misconception About Free Marketing, Though…

The goal isn’t to employ tactics just because they are ‘free’ – in monetary terms.

It’s to choose the tactics that will maximize your return on investment of YOUR TIME.

You see, everyone wants to get something for nothing…

…but some free tactics are so over saturated, that they can easily end up costing your business dearly because they’ve sucked so much TIME for ZERO results.

Responsible marketers know that strategic planning is required for every campaign and marketing activity so that time and money are not squandered on irrelevant tactics.

As 'Beth Comstock' Once Said…

(You’ll Want to Read This)

“Marketing’s job is never done. It’s about perpetual motion. We must continue to innovate every day.” — Beth Comstock, Former CMO & Vice Chair, GE

She should know, she’s one of the most successful CMOs of our time.

In fact, marketing is really a game of trial and error…

But in order to win any game (or at least string it out for as long as possible) you need to keep one step ahead…

…that, my friend, is called “strategy”.

Here’s Why You Should Care…

If you’re in need of a world-class sales and marketing plan you’re going to need to learn the skills, tools, and resources to do it YOURSELF.

Here’s the bad news…

The small handful of world-class marketers today who can do it…write a strategic, cost-effective marketing plan that achieves a positive ROI…

…are in such high demand that you can’t hire them without spending a stupid amount of money (and a huge chunk of your profit).

And even then, you will have to wait your turn.

And here’s the good news…

You can learn to do it yourself (and faster than you think).

The essential and most critical things to do are to find the right “mentor” to learn from, choose the right tactics and implement the right processes.

Once you have all this in place, it cuts through all the painful learning curve, confusion and frustration. It makes sense and it gets results.

But there is something very important to talk about here…

How Do You Know If You’ll Prosper (And Profit) From This Low-Cost Marketing Plan?

You might be thinking:

  1. “You can’t possibly understand my marketing problems.”

  2. “This won’t work for me or my business.”

  3. “It sounds great, but I don’t need it right now.”

  4. “How do I know you’re qualified to make this offer?”

  5. “Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?”

  6. “I can’t afford it, anyway.”

  7. “I don’t believe you – this is too good to be true.”

All of these are real and valid concerns.

So much so, that I’ve made a point to address each one for you below.

While at the same time, if I’ve learned anything from running my small business over the past few years is that everyone wants to hang on to the right to say, 'no thanks'.

Why? Because it can feel like we are admitting defeat if we do invest in a product that we're confident we can use to achieve the main promise on offer.

And because of this, when we find ourselves clicking an ad and reading a webpage that shows us how the benefits a product offers, can help us move from the current state of 'terrible pain' to a state of 'delight and pleasure'...

...and when our gut tells us that the value on offer far outweighs the low investment for lifetime access to it, we still resist being 'sold'.

4 Simple Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out If You’re Up To The Challenge Of “Competing With BIG Business”

  1. Do you want to learn new ways to effectively market your small business MORE​ than you want to save the few bucks it’ll take to discover them?

  2. Do you trust your intuition ​MORE​ than your fear of being sold too, when it comes to knowing what will help you transform your marketing capabilities?

  3. Do you consider your open-mindedness and desire to build a solid system for planning your marketing an ​ASSET​, rather than a liability?

  4. Do you have the perspective that you’ve sold yourself on the best opportunity in front of you, rather than “being sold to”?

If any of these resonate with you…

…I invite you to finish reading this page and join me, together with others who were recently in the same position who had this to share about their decision:

Low-cost Marketing course covers.png The Low-Cost Marketing Plan $27.00

“I decided to sign up for the Pathfinder Advantage marketing programme after listening to a webinar. It really made sense what Andrew was saying. The fact he was also trained in healthcare marketing reassured me that he would really understand my business needs.”

The Cambridge Dietitian

Low-cost Marketing course covers.png The Low-Cost Marketing Plan $27.00

“The advice has proved invaluable. This new-found confidence has helped me work more efficiently, and as a result I’m already attracting more leads than ever.”


For Those Who Don’t Know Me


My name is Andrew Wilson.

I’m the founder of Pathfinder Advantage.

I’m also the lead researcher and digital marketer behind “The Low-Cost Marketing Plan”.

I began this project with small business owners, freelancers and solo-entrepreneurs in mind…

…those like you and me, who have an amazing product or service that will help people, but don't have a huge amount to spend on marketing.

OK, so this may be a little unusual…but I want to share some feedback I received…


Are you ready for my “confession”?

Here’s the thing…

I’m NOT known as one of the ‘greatest marketers on the planet’

Before now, you’d probably never even heard of me.

Is that fair to say?

I haven’t created an amazing software product or published a best-selling book.

I’ve never spoken on any major conventions or summits.

I’ve not even made 7-figures yet!

As far as the world of marketing goes, I’m closer to the bottom of the mountain.

Were you expecting to hear that?

Here’s The Moral Of The Story…

I started Pathfinder Advantage back in 2012.

At that time, I had zero experience with online marketing, even though I’d worked as a Corporate Marketing Manager for close to a decade before.

So, as I began my learning into all things digital...

...I quickly started to feel frustrated with how much misinformation was being taught about marketing on the internet.

Misinformation that’s often complex, incomplete and most definitely confusing.

I hate that.

I like everything in my world to be simple. But simple takes time and hard work!

Let’s cut to the chase…

I spent 5 years trying to make my first online sales. I’m not joking.

It was a struggle. And painful. And also, completely unnecessary.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I watched all the “webinars”

I downloaded every “e-book”

I opted-in for every “newsletter”

And I even bought some pricey “digital marketing courses”

None of it worked.


Because they were all different and random tactics.

This makes me the poster boy for making a “Marketing Hash” I mentioned earlier.

My desire to expand my digital marketing capabilities was ALWAYS GREATER than my lack of knowledge about HOW to turn it into a profit-making business online.

Because of these difficult and painful experiences…

I’ve been where you are right now.

I’ve felt the frustration

…known the struggle

…and lived in the confusion.

It took me what seemed like forever to understand the power of taking a STRATEGIC approach and everything that this could achieve.

Fortunately, one day something different happened…

Pay Tribute To Teachings Of The ‘Marketing Masters’

I owe a great debt of gratitude to the wisdom of Claude Hopkins along with dozens of other ‘Marketing Masters’ I’ve studied over the years.

But Claude, however, triggered something that helped me to make sense of all that left me utterly confused.

Once I started studying his (and other Master’s) strategies, everything started to change.

And that is what makes this opportunity so unique.

The value of this product has ZERO to do with me, my authority, or my experience.

It has everything to do with your ability to learn from the greatest "Marketing Masters" of all-time.

If it does help to enhance my ‘authority’, I have experienced a small amount of success online because of what I discovered from these teachings...

February 16th, 2017

The date I made my first online sale.

In my first year of my online consultancy business, we generated $79,615 in revenue.

The next year we made $92,890.

And last year we made $125,800.

Not massive numbers I agree, but they are real.

(I wish I could provide screenshots, but this would break Facebook’s compliance rules and I don’t want to get in to trouble with the digital marketing gods!)

Why Am I Telling You This?

To make an important point for every single small business owner…

…that your ability to create an affordable and effective digital marketing plan…

…is your single BIGGEST money-making asset.

At the start of my business, I was in control of my ‘marketing’ and the ‘numbers’.

It was during those years when I realized the power of strategic thinking.

And my passion for social media, SEO, websites and content marketing and studying the strategies of successful online businesses has grown ever since.

Now, I put all my effort into Pathfinder Advantage.

The result, my first project has been a raving success.

It was born out of necessity – not out of need.

The Best Way To Create An Affordable, Effective Marketing Plan In The World

It’s a simple process that enables you to pick and choose from proven, short-term and long-term marketing tactics that fit inside anyone’s marketing budget - even if that budget is ZERO!

Inside, you’ll see the exact steps on how to put together a repertoire of online marketing tactics that do exactly what the big brands do but without the huge expenditure.

You’ll also discover:

Which proven tactics you can use to stretch every inch of your marketing budget!

How to leverage just a few low-cost digital marketing tactics to spread awareness, generate leads, and make more sales.

And not only that, but also… 

The Top 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Owning This Lifetime Resource

  • You’ll discover a powerful, repeatable process for identifying your marketing goals and define your marketing budget, so that you have a crystal-clear path forward.

  • You’ll be able to assemble a highly effective content plan to attract leads who will value your products and services and to whom you can market your offers.

  • You’ll be able to choose no-cost ways to engage with your ideal customers so that they get to know and trust you and are more likely to buy from you.

  • You’ll know powerful ways to establish and develop relationships so that you have access to engaged potential customers and industry partners.

  • You’ll be able to raise your visibility as an expert in your market and set yourself apart from your competition so that you become the go-to person in your field.

It’s Because of These Reasons

That EVERY successful online business owner today – all have a simple, marketing planning system that enables them to get the best results for whatever budget they are working with.

It’s because of this simple system that they can leverage any low-cost and free marketing method and help to transform and scale them into 6 or 7 figure businesses.

And that’s why I’m very excited to share this brand-new system with you today.

The Low-Cost Marketing Plan is your guide on how to successfully market your offers on a tight budget, where I walk you through the process step-by-step.

I’ve spent months designing it to be practical and totally hands-on, so you’ll be taking action and implementing what you learn at each stage.

It’ll help you avoid the low budget marketing mistakes that most people make and give you a complete list of proven tactics to get your business known (and make more sales) at little to no cost.


The Low-Cost Marketing Plan


8 Easy-To-Follow Modules

The Low-Cost Marketing Plan is divided into 8 separate modules, so you can take your time, avoid overwhelm and have plenty of time for implementation.

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering in Each Module…


Module #1 Your Current Marketing Goals

When you have little or zero money to spend on marketing, you have to be very careful where you use your limited budget.

In this first module, you'll identify your current marketing goals and decide on your marketing budget, so that you know where you're heading and what you have to work with.

Module #2 Attract Your Customers with Expert Content

Content is the lifeblood of marketing. Whatever your marketing goals are, content will play a crucial part in achieving them.

In Module 2, you’ll learn how to plan what content you'll create to attract customer leads - the type of customers who will value your products and services.


Module #3 How to Quickly Build an Email List of Engaged Subscribers

One of the most effective low-cost marketing tactics you can implement is email marketing. People still check their email every day, and it's something you have total control over.

In Module 3, you’ll discover how to use email to grow an engaged following, so you can easily nurture relationships and market your offers.

Module #4 Be Sociable

Social Media can be a fantastic, free tool for marketing, but you have to be focused and strategic for it to work - without wasting a ton of time.

In Module 4, you'll choose the best ways to engage with your ideal customers on social media, so that your audience gets to know and trust you and are more likely to buy from you.


Module #5 Build Your Network

The goal when building a network is to develop relationships for the long-term with people who can help you grow your business.

In Module 5, you’ll learn what you need to do to establish and develop relationships that will give you access to your ideal customers and industry partners.

Module #6 Expand Your Visibility

A good marketing strategy will increase your reach, expand your credibility, and build up your reputation.

In Module 6, you’ll explore how you can raise you visibility as an expert in your market and set yourself apart from your competition, so that you become the go-to person in your field.


Module #7 Create Your Low Budget Marketing Plan

Now it's time to bring everything together to create a complete, realistic, and low-cost marketing plan.

In Module 7, you’ll choose the best low budget marketing tactics that will put you on a path to successfully achieving your business goals.

Module #8 Review and Refine

In this final module, you’ll discover exactly how to keep getting results from your low cost marketing plan.

You’ll also review your low-cost marketing plan and consider your next action steps, so you can achieve the goals you set for your business.


And, to make it as easy as possible for you to create your Low-Cost Marketing Plan, here’s EXACTLY what you’ll be getting when you sign up today:

  • 8 Easy-To-Follow Modules – laying out step-by-step exactly how to create your Low-Cost Marketing Plan so you can use affordable and free marketing tactics for growing your business and increasing sales.

  • Low Cost Marketing Plan downloadable e-Book - A complete 73-page downloadable e-book for easy reference.

  • Action Guide – A 34-page actionable workbook to go with each module, for creating your low-cost marketing plan.

  • Low-Cost Marketing Plan Template – To fill in and reuse whenever you need to review your plan. This will bring everything together.

  • Low-Cost Content Planner - Use this spreadsheet to quickly map out the content you'll need to promote your business.

  • Cheat Sheet – A 25-page, high level summary of the material that you can quickly reference at any time.

  • Resources List – 31 Low-Cost Marketing Resources - An extensively researched and vetted list of 31 solid resources covering low-cost marketing tactics in content, social media, networking, raising visibility, software and technology. This valuable list supplements the information in The Low-Cost Marketing Plan and will save you valuable time - as we've done all the research for you!

  • Q&A Support – If you have any questions you can reach out to me and my team by raising a support ticket where you can ask your top questions about low-cost marketing plans. You’ll get all your questions answered by our highly-training business coaches.

And The Best News Of All?

The powerful marketing planning system you’ll be given in the next few minutes is barely scratching the surface of what you’re about to receive.

Because after years of studying and several months of intense ‘deep-dive’ research into the low-cost marketing planning process…

I’ve also come up with a number of additional resources that help to ‘connect the dots’ of low-cost digital marketing.

Your FREE Bonus 6-Pack

Quick Start Package

5 low-cost, easy to implement tactics that you can put to use right away to start getting results. Even better, you can mix and match them to multiply your results and expand your marketing efforts even further. You’ll get a step-by-step guide to implement all 5 methods. You’ll also get action prompts via email to ensure you actually take action.

How to Attract Free Publicity

A Step-by-Step Plan to Get Influencers and The Media to Talk About Your Business. Discover not only how to write your own attention-grabbing story, you’ll also learn how to build a database of relevant media contacts and how and when you should contact them with your story.

Quick Cash Strategies for Small Businesses

How to Earn Quick Income and Free Up Cash Whenever You Need It. An extensive list of proven strategies you can apply immediately to get fast results. You’ll discover easy ways generate income and more sales, how to free up cash and bring in money you’re owed.

Maximize Your Productivity

How To Work Faster And Get More Done. All the tools and techniques that you need to maximize your productivity so that you can truly get more done in less time. With these productivity tools you’ll improve your focus by setting goals and priorities, planning in advance, eliminating distractions and understanding when you should STOP working and resume at another time.

Stress-free Passive Income

Low-cost ways to add income streams to your business…without adding hours to your workload. Discover what passive income is, and what it isn’t, as well as the benefits it can bring, and the risks to watch out for. Plus, you’ll get an overview of common types of online passive income so you can quickly and easily make your business more profitable.

Information Product Profits

Use content you already own to quickly create new streams of income. This bonus guides you through the process of quick info product development. The idea behind Information Products Profits is to leverage the resources you have at hand and create small info products that offer enough value to your audience to make it worthwhile, while requiring the minimum investment of resources on your part.

Here’s EVERYTHING You’re About To Be Given:


  • The Low-Cost Marketing Plan Package:

    • 8 Easy-To-Follow Modules

    • 73-page e-Book for easy reference

    • 34-page Actionable Workbook

    • Low-Cost Marketing Plan Template

    • Content Planner

    • 25-page Summary Cheat Sheet

    • 31 Resources List

    • Q&A support

  • BONUS #1: Low-Cost Marketing QuickStart Package

  • BONUS #2: How to Attract Free Publicity

  • BONUS #3: Quick Cash Strategies for Small Businesses

  • BONUS #4: Maximize Your Productivity

  • BONUS #5: Stress-free Passive Income

  • BONUS #6: Information Product Profits

PLR Content Studio

“Andrew is brilliant to work with, he made me feel at ease immediately and I quickly saw that his expertise would really benefit me and my company. His experience meant that he had been where I was and he helped me avoid some common mistakes. I still refer to his initial advice now. Thanks Andrew, I'll be back for your services soon.”

Nutritional Therapist & Personal Trainer

PLR Content Studio

“I went to a talk that Andrew gave to the dietitians freelance group meeting. I found it inspirational after years of trying to do all the marketing myself. He gave us practical tools to use to market ourselves. I have signed up to work with Andrew for the next 12 months which is very exciting for me.”

Your Diet Matters

PLR Content Studio

“I decided to do the course as I am constantly looking for new clients but don't have a big budget. I wanted to improve my marketing and get more clients. Having done the course, I would like to say that I found the content excellent and enlightening. I found “The Low-Cost Marketing Plan” very clear and easy to understand and I can honestly say it was a pleasure to take it. Thank you for this great course.”

Competitive Bodybuilder

PLR Content Studio

“The online course was a great experience. It covered all the aspect of low budget marketing and gave me lot of insights. This helped me select the best marketing techniques for my business that works for me. Now I am driving the digital revolution for my organisation. Thank you! ”

Health Coach

Oh, And…Try Our Competitor’s, Too

Or, I can show what you'll find...


X $1,997 for 7 digital marketing courses, that's $285 PER COURSE...

Why I’m Sharing This With You…

Like lots of business owners, I had a great plan for 2020.

I was all set to catapult my digital marketing consultancy business into the big league…

…I was finally winning ‘BIG’ business with some large clients…

… I was all set to take on my first full-time marketing manager…

…I was ready…

Cue: Global Pandemic


And the idea of the “Low-Cost Marketing Plan” was born.

Again, out of necessity.

And I want to share it with you.

To pivot together.

To survive.

To keep our passions and our businesses alive.

Let’s Talk About The Investment…Together

I put this package together based on years of experience and learning.

I’ve invested thousands of dollars in courses, training programs and mentorship…

I’ve invested hundreds of hours in learning and studying…

…then organised the information for you in a logical, easy to follow format and created action steps so that implementation is easy and effective.

The strategy itself results from a profound desire to provide the highest level of value a resource like this can provide.

If I’ve done that – which I have – the investment is both unique and extraordinary.

Therefore, this package gives you more value for your money than any other in existence.

I encourage – and welcome – you to decide that for yourself.

The LAST STEP Before Launching…The Investment

THIS was the final important decision I still needed to make.

OMG…This was tough!

Here’s what I was originally thinking…

With immediate, lifetime access to:

  • The Low-Cost Marketing Plan Package (Value $297)

  • QuickStart Package (Value $97)

  • How to Attract Free Publicity (Value $97)

  • Quick Cash Strategies for Small Businesses (Value $97)

  • Maximize Your Productivity (Value $97)

  • Stress-free Passive Income (Value $97)

  • Information Product Profits (Value $97)

A one-time investment of just $397 would be the “Deal-Of-The-Year” to every striving, open-minded, small-business owner.

This made logical sense.

55% discount on value of $879.

…it was an absolute no-brainer.

When the Coronavirus chaos started wreaking havoc the world changed overnight…

…and consumers and fellow business owners everywhere began to struggle.

Because the financial devastation hit hard…

…and because at times like these, EVERY business NEEDS to continue with their marketing activities to survive…

…combined with the need to reduce spending and keep outgoings as low as possible…

Because of that…

I decided to make another “pivot” and deliver even more value.

The full Low-Cost Marketing Plan and bonus package for just $97.

At THAT tuition…

…you would’ve owned a complete resource package containing 7 of the most successful low-cost strategies the world has ever seen…

For just $13.86 each (That’s 2,056% more value than the only other available option.)

The Final Investment – Just $27

Call me crazy.

My partner called me a moron.

Emm, I’ve been called worse.

Doesn’t that devalue the offer and make it feel ‘cheap’?

No! Absolutely not.

The value of this package isn’t on the dollar figure you pay for it.  The value is determined by the useful knowledge you gain from it, and how you apply that information to grow your business profitably with quick, easy and low-cost marketing strategies.

So, why give away $879 worth of profitable marketing strategies for just $27?

Simple – as the founder of Pathfinder Advantage and the publisher of “The Low-Cost Marketing Plan”…

…I did some research about what is MOST important to small business owners right now, during this sh*tshow pandemic.

What I found out didn’t surprise me, but it was just the wakeup call I needed.

The single most important ‘buyer factor’ for struggling, cost-conscious business owners and marketers is how much they spend today.

Regardless of how much value they receive in return.

Is This Offer Too Good To Be True?

Am I offering a value too great to be credible?

Do people shy away at the thought of getting too much value for their money?

This offer gives you a comprehensive package of low-cost marketing tactics and the overarching strategy that makes them work together perfectly.

This package is organized in a way that makes implementation easy with simple actionable steps throughout…

…action steps that are often lacking from other courses and trainings.

What about the investment?

Researching, organiz ing and writing the lessons and action steps in itself is no great achievement.

But the aim of this project was always to get this information into the hands of the most open-minded, ambitious and courageous small business owners and marketers…

The ones that will use it to not only SURVIVE, but to THRIVE and grow their business, profitably.

In my experience, this level of marketer would rather study these strategies over randomly and messily employing ‘shiny, shiny’ marketing tactics any day…

It is for this reason that I’ve priced this product to value ambition over experience.

So that anyone with a passion to learn, can afford to learn from the very best.

That’s Why You Have The Opportunity…

…to invest for $27 (for the reasons outlined above).

For some, $27 is about as much as they can afford to invest in their marketing capabilities right now.

7 low-cost strategies for just $27 represents 51,735% more value than the next best option.

That’s what Pathfinder Advantage is all about.

In The Next Few Minutes, Here’s Everything You’ll Be Given:


  • The Low-Cost Marketing Plan Package:

    • 8 Easy-To-Follow Modules

    • 73-page e-Book for easy reference

    • 34-page Actionable Workbook

    • Low-Cost Marketing Plan Template

    • Content Planner

    • 25-page Summary Cheat Sheet

    • 31 Resources List

    • Q&A support

  • BONUS #1: Low-Cost Marketing QuickStart Package

  • BONUS #2: How to Attract Free Publicity

  • BONUS #3: Quick Cash Strategies for Small Businesses

  • BONUS #4: Maximize Your Productivity

  • BONUS #5: Stress-free Passive Income

  • BONUS #6: Information Product Profits


Here’s Some Truth For You.

This project is something new for Pathfinder Advantage.

And because of that, as Claude Hopkins taught me, I’m testing EVERYTHING

Firstly, the investment.

Here are the split tests I’m running:

Test 1: $27

Test 2: $47

Test 3: $77

This may not seem like a major test, but I can assure you, it is.

Here’s the good news for you:

Today, you landed on “Test 1” which means you have the opportunity to own the entire “Low-Cost Marketing Plan” + Bonus package… for as little as $27.

And Here’s Why You Should Act Now:

I’ve set up this first “Test 1” to allow a maximum of 100 purchases of the “Low-Cost Marketing Plan Package”.

These first 100 Low-Cost Marketing Plan owners are part of my “Founding Members” group…

…and will receive a vast range of future benefits…including significant discounts on my future trainings, masterclasses and personal mentoring.

At the time of posting this there were only 79 places left.

checkout closing2.png

The places are filling up much faster than I anticipated…which is a wonderful vote of confidence for you as you prepare to “take action”.

After the next 79 places are taken, this link will redirect to a different page to ‘Test 2’ (and the higher ticket of $47).

My plan is to do this until I find the highest-converting ticket price.

We’re All Businesspeople Here…

…So I’m happy to discuss these things with you because I know you understand.

You wouldn’t normally see this kind of truth and openness on a sales page.

This is my personal invitation to you to take advantage of this exclusive offer and opportunity while you can…

…while it is still at the lowest investment it has ever been offered.

One-Click Instant Access To The Low-Cost Marketing Plan + FREE Bonus 6-Pack

Once you click the red button below, you’ll be taken to the checkout page where you can complete your secure checkout.

Once you complete your order, you’ll receive instant access to all your new, epic marketing resources on the very next page.

Here’s what you can expect to see:



You’ll also receive an email confirmation receipt with the same login and access details.


P.S. Your Product Guarantee

(You’re Going To Want Read This, Too)


I’ll be honest again…

…I was thinking that I would give the standard 30-day guarantee with this offer, at first.

Then I realized that actually this has nothing to do with what I think.

It has everything to do with you feeling 100% safe and protected…regardless of how much you pay for this marketing mastery package.

Which is why I’m giving you TRIPLE the guarantee today AND a personal offer to help.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If, after reviewing the information and completing all the actions steps, you’re not 100% happy, just let me know and I’ll personally review your Low-Cost Marketing Plan to see where I think it can be improved.

If you’re still not happy, I’ll give you a full refund. And of course, you keep everything, for free.

That’s the deal.

Within 90-days, you walk away with EITHER:

>>> The most cost-effective, easy-to-implement marketing plan for your business…

>>> OR I’ll refund your entire investment on The Low-Cost Marketing Plan package AND you keep everything, for free.

That’s how confident I am.

I wouldn’t even consider making such an amazing offer unless I was 100% certain that we would both be successful.

I mean, “YES! YES! YES!” successful.


Don’t Get Lost At The 3-Way Crossroad…


PATHWAY #1: Do Nothing!

This is the easiest route to take.

What could be easier than doing nothing?

This path is the easiest for the small business owner, freelancer and solo-entrepreneur who already has a thriving online business driven by a highly effective, low-budget marketing plan.

  • It’s for those who are already world-class marketers who have nothing more to learn on the subject.

  • It’s for those who have an established reputation in their market.

  • It’s for those who don’t need more income, customers or visibility.

If this is you, then I celebrate your success in finding the right path.

If it’s not you yet, there’s a second route we all must consider…

PATHWAY #2: Go It Alone!

This is the hardest path to take.

You might get there eventually, maybe in less than 5 years, like me, it’s not totally impossible.

If you can continue working on your marketing efforts on your own…

…spending a couple of hundred hours to test the various marketing techniques to eventually find the winning combination…

… and juggle that with your other business activities.

If this is you, then I applaud your commitment to your business, because I know what that level of work requires.

If this isn’t you, then there is also a third path you can choose to take:

PATHWAY #3: Get Assistance

This is the most exciting path to take!

To work with someone who’s been where you are and is where you want to be.

Someone who has already put in the hard work and long hours and is willing to share their knowledge, wisdom and lessons learned with you.

To get you the outcomes you want faster and more easily.

You are at the 3-way crossroad, which path gives you what you most desire?

Only 79 “Founding Member” Places Left At This $27 Investment

BUT you must act now before all 100 checkouts are finalized for this “Test 1” before the switch to Test 2 at the higher investment of $47.

I mentioned earlier, one of the things I learned from the teachings of Claude Hopkins, as a marketer, was to TEST EVERYTHING.

To find the highest-converting offer, I decided to do that here.

Here’s the image I posted previously once more…

checkout closing2.png

At the time of posting… there were only 79 Founding Member places available.

The ‘Founding Members’ will be the first 100 small business marketers who see the value in this opportunity and take action today.

These are the small business marketers that I want to work with.

Once these places are filled, the link for this page will redirect to a higher investment of $47 (and then $77).

My goal is to test which offer converts best.

If You’re Seeing This Page – 2 Things Are 100% Certain

icon-circle-check-red-001.pngFirstly, you and Pathfinder Advantage stumbled across each other at the perfect moment – call it Divine Intervention or Cosmic Alignment – you’ve been lucky enough to see this offer for the lowest investment it’s ever been offered...


icon-circle-check-red-001.pngSecondly, if you are seeing this page, it means there is still a Founding Member place available for the lowest investment of $27…

If you’re ready to start creating the most-effective marketing plan, and learn how to use free marketing tactics, and play with the BIG businesses, click the button below to go to the order page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Before I launched this project, I sent an email to a few marketing colleagues asking them for any questions they thought readers might have.

Here they are with the answers:

What EXACTLY is ‘The Low-Cost Marketing Plan’?

The Low-Cost Marketing Plan is your step-by-step guide on how to successfully plan and market your offers on a tight budget including:

>>> The A-Z of low-cost marketing, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to hit your sales targets and help more people.

>>> Exactly how to do marketing on a shoestring budget and a wealth of free or low-cost marketing tactics you can use today.

>>> How to avoid spending anything at all AND carry out an effective marketing strategy to achieve your business goals.

The Low-Cost Marketing Plan is divided into 8 separate modules, so you can easily take you time to avoid overwhelm and give you time for implementation together with a 73-page e-Book, a 34-page Action Guide, the Marketing Plan Template, the Low-Cost Content Planner, the Summary Cheat Sheet and live Q&A Support.

What are my FREE BONUSES?

Here’s the full breakdown of you FREE “Bonus 6-Pack”

  • BONUS #1: QuickStart Package: 5 Low Cost Marketing Tactics to Implement in Your Business This Week
  • BONUS #2: How to Attract Free Publicity: A Step-by-Step Plan to Get Influencers and The Media to Talk About Your Business
  • BONUS #3: Quick Cash Strategies for Small Businesses: How to Earn Quick Income and Free Up Cash Whenever You Need It
  • BONUS #4: Maximize Your Productivity: How To Work Faster And Get More Done
  • BONUS #5: Stress-free Passive Income: Quick places to add income to your business…without adding hours to your workload
  • BONUS #6: Information Product Profits: Use content you already own to quickly create new streams of income

When will I receive ACCESS to my purchase?

You get access immediately.

As soon as you complete your order, you’ll see the confirmation page which will display the access details, and you can log in to the learning area where you’ll find all the resources.

You’ll also receive an email with all the details so you’ll can quickly access your training and bonuses at any time.

Is this 100% RISK-FREE for me?

YES – absolutely. This is 100% risk free for you.

At first, I was only going to offer the standard 30-day guarantee. Then, I realized that this has nothing to do with what I think and everything to do with you feeling total protected, regardless of how much you pay for this amazing product.

Which I why I TRIPLED the guarantee to 90-days AND included a personal review of your marketing plan.

If, after reviewing the information and completing all the actions steps, you’re not 100% happy, just let me know and I’ll personally review your Low-Cost Marketing Plan to see where I think it can be improved.

If you’re still not happy, I’ll give you a full refund. And of course, you keep everything, for free.

That’s the deal.

Within 90-days, you walk away with EITHER the most cost-effective, easy-to-implement marketing plan for your business OR I’ll refund your entire investment on The Low-Cost Marketing Plan package AND you keep everything, for free.

That’s how confident I am.

I wouldn’t even consider making such an amazing offer unless I was 100% certain that we would both be successful. I mean, “YES! YES! YES!” successful.

Will this work for me?

Learning the profitable strategies of the ‘Marketing Masters’ works for every marketing manager, advertiser and business owner.

Because the foundational process of strategically planning marketing tactics enables you to pick and choose from "PROVEN" short-term and long-term marketing tactics that fit inside any marketing budget, even if that budget is ZERO!

What if I don’t need this right now?

Very good question. Here’s my recommendation:

If you have even the smallest voice telling you that you need this, get it. Listen to you intuition.

The amazing thing about this product is that you own lifetime access to it, so it always available the moment you need to plan your next marketing campaign – whether that’s for a new product, a new service or an entirely new business altogether.

Also, there is only a limited number of Founder Member places on offer, before this link automatically redirects to a higher ticket-price. I’m testing this so that I can find the highest-converting offer.

As a fellow businessperson, I know you understand this.

What if I can’t afford the $27 investment?

If this is true for you, I can empathize with that. I’ve been in a similar position before and it can be very challenging. If this is the case, please contact me through my website ( and I’ll do my best to work something out with you.

Do you have any other awesome marketing tools?

Yes! On the order page, you’ll find several incredibly valuable products that you can add to you package of resources. Each has been chosen to perfectly complement the Low-Cost Marketing Plan but takes a Deeper-Dive approach into specific tactics. It’s been a joy researching these and I’m confident you’ll love them too!



Marketing Is A Lot Like Cooking, When You Find A Good Recipe...It's Delicious!



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