3 Social Media Myths Busted

3 Social Media Myths Busted

Ah, social media. It’s everybody’s favourite way to interact with others around the world and to market their products and services. Some people reach the elevated status of Social Media Darling while others are posting day in and day out without any nibbles whatsoever.

What’s the difference between the Social Media Darling and the Wannabe? Most importantly, the differences are in their social media planning and their ability to develop relationships. Even if we’re talking about selling the exact same product, how the Wannabe approaches the opportunity is often quite different than how the Darling approaches it.

Let’s break it down more:

The Social Media Darling cares about other people. They interact with people every single day on social media by answering questions and replying to comments both on their own posts but also on other posts in their feed. They share snippets of their life instead of bombarding her followers with product pitches. The Darlings also knows, through trial and error, which platforms give them the most engaged audiences and this is where they spend their time.

The Wannabes also cares about people but they're posting product photos on every single social media platform available, desperate to make a sale. They figure that people don’t buy the first time they hear about their product so they continue to post about the product. They don't notice when people leave comments or don’t know how to respond back. They comment on only a select few posts and is spread too thin across all the different platforms.

How to Revise Your Social Media Plan

There aren’t any hard and fast rules about which social media platforms you should use to approach this methodically. If you’re posting random photos on Instagram and get a few likes here and there, is it really worth your time? If you post an article once a month on LinkedIn but have an inbox filled with unanswered invitations to network, should you continue to use this platform?

First, determine where your target market hangs out and learn how to use that platform. If you’re aiming to attract professional clients, then LinkedIn might be your ticket. If you’re looking for consumers or small business owners, check out Facebook. Can’t fit your thoughts into 280 characters? Then drop Twitter instead of stressing about it.

Second, remember to be social. You’re much more than your business, so show that to your followers. Yes, share about your business but share about your other passions, interests or activities. Events and successes; charity work; favourite sports teams; latest discoveries in your field. Let people get to know the whole you, your employees, and all the other fun stuff that happens, not just about the business.

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