How To Promote Your Small Business Blog

How To Promote Your Small Business Blog

A superb blog can be a key magnetic factor that brings customers and sales to your online business. However, even the best blog in the world needs people to know it's there for them to come to it. If you want to make your business grow with your blog, you'll need to do some marketing. Here are some tips that will help you get your blog out there to the community so that they will know that it exists. The following are 10 ways that you can establish effective blog marketing and then use your blog to boost the visibility of your business:

1. Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are still effective marketing tools to date. You just have to be a bit more careful about the way you design your emails than you did perhaps 10 years ago. These days, you have to have titles that let recipients know that you aren't a spammer, but you do have a message that they need to read. Additionally, the first 25 words of your text have to grab the reader, so you have to learn how to craft tiny masterpieces.

Email marketing is something that you can do yourself if your budget is not that gigantic. Start your blog marketing endeavours with your family, friends and the other people on your email list. Put a link in a compelling email that you send to your contacts. You should be able to garner some attention that way to get your blog going.

After you gain some traction and get some sales, you may want to invest in some software that can take a lot of the work stress off your back. Today's software can gather new email addresses for your site and send out campaign emails to your new site.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a highly successful avenue that many bloggers take to get visitors to their blogs ASAP. You have so much power in the palm of your hand, and you can make traffic flow with that power. All you need to do to promote your blog using social media is log into your social media pages and tweet or post a compelling link. Use sites such as Twitter, Facebook Google+, LinkendIn, Pinterest and so on to catch the interest of not only your friends but the friends, family members and business associates of everyone who connects themselves to your handle. You could create a post that draws hundreds of thousands of prospective customers if the post is attractive.

If you don't have the time to promote your page with social media, you can hire people who can manage your pages. Many professional bloggers invest in companies or contractors who manage their social media pages by creating attractive content and posting it on a regular basis. It makes business much easier for some people.

3. Guest Blogging

You can try guest blogging if you have amazing writing skills, and your promotional and advertising budgets are low. What you can do is find an established business that has a relevant but not identical product or service that you have, and write that company a proposal to write a guest blog. You can ask for a link to your blog in exchange for taking your time and making efforts to write a guest blog for them. An example of a relevant business is perhaps an auto repair shop or an auto dealership if your main business is installing tinted windows. You want to pick a business that's relevant to your products and services but isn't in direct competition with it. An auto repair shop that doesn't do windows would be a great fit for your guest blog and can gain a lot of views for you.

4. Content Marketing

Killer content is powerful enough to bring people to your blog, keep them coming back for more and give them the desire to share it with the people who are most important to them. Any content that's on your page has to have a riveting and strategic nature. It has to quietly lure the reader to your offerings without seeming spammy or robotic. You may be able to achieve that on your own.

If you can't do it on our own, you can hire specialists who will locate or create the content that you need to drive traffic and sales to your site. Sometimes you need a fresh voice on your website. You need content that does not come from you to create a sense of variety. Content marketing companies connect with millions of authors, and they offer a reasonable price for their services. Consider hiring one to bring your page up to par.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a series of strategies that help to raise your site in rank on the Google search engine, which is the most productive a powerful search engine on the webs. SEO specialists may use tactics such as link building, keyword list creation and implementation, web design, picture tagging and some strategies to get your blog rolling regarding readership. Many site owners have had to use these services to get their feet off the ground. Try it and see what it can do for you. You may be surprised and quite pleased with the results.

6. Pay Per Click

If you have a small budget set aside for promotions, you can try pay-per-click advertising. That's a service that will promote your blog to potential clients in exchange for your payment. You pay if someone visits your blog because of the keyword advertising. You pay a certain amount for every click you get.

7. Paid Promotion Services

You can pay individuals and other companies to promote your blog non-stop so that you never have to do it. Everyone has a price for the service. Ask around and find someone who will enjoy doing it for you but can also use the money that you have to give. Some promoters have extremely good rates for their services.

8. Offer Your Visitors Incentives

Another thing you can do is offer your visitors an incentive they will share your blog with someone else how might be interested. You could offer them a 10 per cent discount on their tinted windows for their referrals, for example. Try and see if it's effective for you.

9. Create a Viral Video

Videos are some of the most powerful and effective tools for blog promotion that you can get. They reach in an grab the attention of the viewer and then persuade that person to take action. The best part is that they manage to achieve this in less than one minute in most cases. If you create a viral video, your link might go out to millions of prospects, which is what you want to see happen. You can contact a professional video production company to make a promotional product that keeps delivering every day that it exists. You will not be sorry that you created it if it's a winner because you'll see the results rapidly. All it takes is one catchphrase or one event to occur to make your blog stand out in the crowd.

10. Do Some Offline Marketing

Offline marketing still works because people still travel to various shopping outlets and other businesses around the world. As a matter of fact, your offline efforts may reach a base of people that you would have never reached if you had tried other methods. Business cards, flyers and word of mouth are the three top ways to get information about your business blog or website out to the masses, and you can virtually go anywhere and share your cards or information. Try locations such as grocery shops, Petrol stations, convenience stores, light poles, laundromats and the like. Someone is likely to read your flyer and then perhaps pass it on to a mate or family member. Spend at least one hour per week promoting your blog in this matter, and you will likely see success very soon. The key to success is to keep going and never give up no matter how hopeless you may think it seems. Never underestimate the power that the word of the mouth can bring to your business establishment.

Those are just some of the ways that you can begin to do blog promotion and gain a little bit of attraction and readership. You will start thinking of new ways to succeed once you try the previously mentioned tips. With any luck, your blog will become a consumer magnet, and your business will become a powerhouse. Start trying the tips mentioned above today, and start shaping the future of your business.
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