What Makes a Good Business Blog?

What Makes a Good Business Blog?

Your business' blog can be a representation of your brand and an extension of your professionalism. Similarly, content marketing is becoming one of the most powerful tools for small business owners and a blog is the best way to engage your audience and leverage content.

While blog marketing isn't rocket science, knowing what makes a good business blog can be intimidating. Most content management systems today such as WordPress provide the blogging software, but the actual execution of the blog is what's most important.

Your blog should serve as your content marketing hub and in today's content-driven world, attracting an audience and driving traffic to that hub is more important than ever. Below are business blogging tips so that you can provide relevant content to your audience and ensure that your prospects are consuming the media you provide.

Create blog content for a specific audience

With any good business blog, it is important to have a series of posts where you put yourself in the shoes of your audience and address their pain points and concerns. This means writing content for a specific audience and addressing the buyer's journey.

Undoubtedly, your prospects and customers are going to have questions along the way. They have doubts, insecurities, and genuine concerns about your products or services, that you can address through your content.

Creating content for a specific audience is the best way to engage and connect with the reader, by giving them answers to the questions that are plaguing their life and stopping them from becoming a buyer.

Professionally written articles that are presented well

Of course, there's no point in business blogging if you're not going to maintain a professional appearance.

Every post that you publish should be professionally written by a competent copywriter. You can outsource the writing process to an online community of writers, you can hire writers directly from freelance job boards, you can hire in-house, or you can write the content yourself.

The most important attribute of your blog is that it's written by someone with firsthand knowledge and experience. They need to be an expert in their craft and your readers need to have the impression that you are an industry authority.

Every post is an opportunity to build your brand and create that image.

Visual appeal and good blog design

Many businesses today understand the importance of content marketing. They regularly publish content that's text-based, they may even include images from stock photo websites.

However, where the majority of businesses are dropping the ball is in making their blog content visually appealing.

Blogs are a great way to engage your audience through professional content, but design attributes are still very important.

Some of the best business blogs take their design to another level and hire graphic designers for each blog post they publish.

This alone will help build your brand and creates that image of professionalism, without the reader even having to digest a single sentence you have written.

The design attributes of the blog page alone jump out and command respect. Properly designing the page plays a significant role in blog marketing.

Informative, relevant, useful content

Just as you want to place yourself in the shoes of your audience to address their pain points and concerns, you also want to provide content that's informative, relevant, and useful to their situation.

Simply addressing their struggles isn't enough. Your content must guide them toward a solution and provide an answer to their questions.

The best way to create informative and relevant content is to write how-to guides, lists, or even create videos or other media that specifically shows what the solution is to their problem.

This is the most useful kind of content because it addresses an immediate issue your audience is facing.

If they are actively seeking help and you provide the answer, their impression of your brand and your products and services will be heightened.

Consistency and regular posting of fresh content

A good business blog must consistently and regularly post fresh content. This is the single most important factor in any type of blogging.

Blog marketing is often all about consistency because it builds a relationship with your audience and provides a continuous flow of media for them to digest.

It's not only good for your readership, but it also shows search engines that you are committed to publishing quality content on a regular basis.

In order to rank in search engines and drive organic traffic, you have to take search engine optimisation into account long-term.

With business blogging, it can take months, sometimes even years to drive an adequate amount of traffic through organic search engine rankings.

By consistently publishing fresh content, you can streamline this process and force search engines to take note of your blog and index your content faster.

Always provide a call to action in your posts and articles

When you're blogging, your end objective is to drive prospects toward your products or services and to convert them into a paying customer.

Sometimes, that conversion starts at something much smaller than a purchase. For instance, it could be subscribing to your email list, downloading an e-book that you offer free on your website or another measurable action.

A call to action is what you can use to encourage readers to take that action.

Generally, you have a call to action at the end of your blog post encouraging the reader to subscribe to your email list. You may also use 'call to actions' throughout the body of the content itself.

The more effective and authentic you are at delivering the call to action, the more likely you are to see results.


Just as the content that you provide on your blog is important, it's equally important that you promote your content.

The success of your blog ultimately comes down to your ability to drive traffic and generate interest in the media you provide.

To build a readership, you often have to spend twice the amount of time promoting a blog article then you spent creating it.

Remember that blogging is never an overnight success and it's a commitment to following these small actions and principles that will lead to long-term results.

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